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Jerusalem Stone

About Jerusalem Stone
  For thousands of years the sacred stones of Jerusalem, known as the Jerusalem Stone, have been holding in them the magnificent Biblical stories that once occurred in the Holy City of Jerusalem, in which all of the buildings are built from this same Jerusalem Stone. Jerusalem Stone is actually a pale-colored dolomitic limestone which is quarried on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Stone is the same stone, that for thousands of years, was used by our ancestral biblical giants to build some of the most sacred and famous buildings in Jerusalem, and in the world. Most of Jerusalem's historical buildings were all built using blocks of Jerusalem Stone. The famous sacred "Wailing Wall", also called the "Western Wall" or the "Kotel" – which are the only remains of the Second Temple located on the Western flank of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – is constructed of massive blocks of Jerusalem Stone. But not only the ancient, historical buildings in Jerusalem are made of Jerusalem Stone. Jerusalem Stone is conceived to be so sacred and to evoke Jerusalem and its wonderfully rich Historical events, that also the majority of the modern buildings in Jerusalem are being built using the Jerusalem Stone. Jerusalem Stone has is also being used out of the City of Jerusalem. Many other cities encourage the use of Jerusalem Stone, in order to form a connection with one of the Holiest Cities in the world.

  These wonderful Jerusalem Stone gifts are produced from the same Jerusalem Stone from which these most magnificent Holy Land sites were built and in which History itself occurred.

  All of the products in the Category of Jerusalem Stone Gifts, are produced from Genuine, natural Jerusalem Stone, quarried in the outskirts of Jerusalem. The raw materials used for the Jerusalem Stone gifts are from the beautiful and sacred sites in Holy Land of Israel such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the sites of the ancient heart of the Holy Land of Israel. These uniquely beautiful Jerusalem Stone Plaques, authentically and beautifully engraved with your most meaningful religious symbols, sayings and blessings, make for the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones for any special occasion. As Wedding Gifts, Baptism Gifts, Religious Gifts or just as a Home Décor gift. Jerusalem Stone Gifts produce for you a natural connection to the Holy Sites of Jerusalem in The Holy Land of Israel.

  Most of the Jerusalem Stone products can be customized with your or your loved ones' names, religious symbols, (Grafted In is available on many of the items in this category), or any most loved scripture. Buy yourself a lovely gift made from Authentic, natural and beautiful Jerusalem Stone from the Holy Land of Israel. These Jerusalem Stone Gifts are the perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Each of these Jerusalem Stone Gifts is supplied with an Unconditional Authenticity Certificate, guaranteeing that it is 100% originated and produced from Jerusalem Stone in the Holy Land of Israel.
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